Antisink All-in-One

Experience the future of maritime safety with the Antisink All-in-One, a groundbreaking solution for boats.

The Antisink All-in-One system can be mounted inside your vessel, ready to activate automatically should water enter your boat.

This system features specially designed cassettes, housing buoyancy bags that are engineered to counter the forces of capsizing or sinking. The inflatable pillows have a filling rate of less than 90%, which gives them the flexibility to adapt to their shape in the area they are inflated in. This enables the equipment to be placed under bench seats or in anchor wells.

There are five models in the Antisink All-in-One line, tailored to suit a wide range of vessel sizes.

Technical Specifications

Model Boat Size (total weight) Buoyancy Dimensions (LxWxH)
All-in-One 3000N <600kg 250kg 480x175x65mm
All-in-One 5000N <1200kg 500kg 580x185x50mm
All-in-One 7500N <1900kg 750kg 440x180x125mm
All-in-One 10000N <2500kg 1000kg 440x180x125mm
All-in-One 12500N <3100kg 1250kg 440x180x125mm


Try the Antisink Flip-Over.

The Antisink Flip-Over is designed for mounting on a hardtop or targa bracket, ensuring your boat automatically rights itself in the event of a capsize. Much like the Antisink All-in-One, it offers the convenience of being housed in the same cassette, featuring a white cover for increased resistance to sunlight exposure.


Key Features:

  • Compact & easy to install
  • Reusable & repackable
  • Impact-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Flame retardant
  • All components are reusable or recyclable

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