Petro Primer – Marine Grade

Petrolatum based primer for application on metal surfaces prior to wrapping with Anti Corrosion Petro Tape UW.

For long-term corrosion protection of steel piles and structural steel in marine environments. The PT Marine Tape
is designed for use either immersed or above the tidal zone applications.

Withstands temperatures -46 Deg. C. to 70 Deg. C.
-50 Deg. F. to 158 Deg. F.


Surface Preparation:
Remove loose dirt and contaminants using a wire brush. Eliminate all sharp edges and welding splatter.

Petro Primer can be brushed or ragged on with a thin, uniform coat. Utilize heavier application on pitted areas,
bolt heads, or any other contoured or sharp surface.

Note: When applying underwater the primer will be less visible in the pile, however, the material will be
adhered easily).

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