Marine Evacuation System (MES)

Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) range of Marine Evacuation Systems (MES), provide rapid and safe evacuation which delivers passengers and crew, dry-shod, directly into large capacity liferafts.

This unique MES design was conceived in 1992 and since then has been developed, tested and honed into the exceptional and world renowned product it is today.

With over 25 years of development, testing and production experience behind us we have proven this pioneering MES design to the system of choice for owners and operators or all types and sizes of passenger and personnel carrying vessels worldwide.


Each LSA Marine Evacuation System (MES) comprises:

  • an inflatable inclined evacuation slide;
  • a large capacity inflatable liferaft (canopied or open reversible); and
  • a lightweight stowage cradle manufactured in marine grade aluminium.

LSA MES is the only approved, [self supporting / independent] system in the world which evacuates passengers and crew directly from the vessel into large capacity liferafts via an inclined evacuation slide without the need for any winches or complicated hydraulics.



  • Unique design provides considerable strength to the slide.
  • Multi air-holding compartment design enhances structural integrity.
  • Slide manufactured from advanced polyurethane coated nylon fabrics.


  • Range of slide lengths to accommodate all evacuations heights up to 13.6m.
  • Double evacuation slide path optimises evacuation rate.

Increased Safety

  • Unique inclined MES slide design provides rapid yet safe and controlled descent.
  • Slide evacuation path always clear and useable. No risk of blockages.
  • Dry-shod evacuation.
  • Clear line of sight from top of the slide to the liferaft at all times increases confidence of evacuees and ability of crew to control the evacuation.


  • Slides manufactured to comply with requirements of SOLAS 74.
  • Prototype tests in accordance with EU Directive of Marine Equipment 96/98/EC and IMO Resolution A689(17) as amended.



  • Stowage cradle is manufactured of marine grade aluminium.
  • Aluminium inflation cylinders.
  • Complete unit with slide and liferaft can weigh as little as 685kg.


  • Complete stowage unit can be installed into an area of less than 4m2.

Simple Installation

  • Four bolt fixing enables rapid yet simple installation and removal.
  • Simple fixed length bowsing line arrangements.
  • No complicated hydraulics.
  • No complicated winches.
  • No electric power required.



  • Manufactured from durable, lightweight and abrasion resistant advanced polyurethane coated nylon fabric.
  • Construction using proven high frequency welding and cold stick adhesive bonding techniques.
  • Four separate buoyancy compartments.


  • Double skinned canopies for additional insulation.
  • Floor insulation.
  • All LSA liferafts stowed in a purpose made glass-fibre container.
  • Simple specifically designed aluminium single or double launching racks.


  • All LSA liferafts designed to form part of LSA MES.
  • All LSA liferafts can equally be deployed as a stand alone unit .
  • All LSA liferafts come with the appropriate emergency pack.
  • Unique “boat shaped” liferaft design facilitates easier towing.


  • Liferafts manufactured to comply with requirements of SOLAS 74.
  • Prototype tested in accordance with EU Directive of Marine Equipment 96/98/EC and IMO Resolution A689(17) as amended.

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