Rescue Boat Slewing Davit

Product Overview:

Rescue Boat Slewing Davits, available in Rms.-type and Rhs.-type executions, are designed to facilitate the safe and efficient deployment of rescue boats. These davits offer simple yet robust slewing crane solutions for different vessels, complying with the latest SOLAS regulations and MED certification. The type of crane used depends on factors such as the vessel's flag state, boat weight, and load requirements.

Key Features:

  • Pedestal for Deck Welding: Each system includes a pedestal designed for secure welding to the deck.

  • Robust Arm Design: The arm is constructed in a box shape, ensuring durability and support for the rescue boat.

  • Rescue Boat Winch: Equipped with a rescue boat winch featuring a centrifugal brake and an electric motor in IP56 for reliable hoisting operations.

  • Hydraulic Slewing (Rhs.-type): Rhs.-type davits feature a hydraulically driven slewing gear for precise and controlled boat deployment.

  • Manual Slewing (Rms.-type): Rms.-type davits offer manually driven slewing features and require permission from the vessel's flag state.

  • Electric System: The system includes an electric system with a stainless steel starter box and push buttons for convenient operation.

  • Galvanized Wire Rope: The non-rotating steel wire rope is galvanized for corrosion resistance and safety.

  • Off-Load Release Hook or Suspension Link: The system includes a stainless steel hook for off-load release or a suspension link, depending on installation requirements.

  • Remote Control: Operate the system with ease using the stop-go type remote control.

Optional Features:

  • For life raft handling, optional features include a combined rescue boat/liferaft winch, combined suspension for rescue boat and liferaft handling, a winch quick return device for hoisting back the suspension, and a jockey pulley for retrieving empty hooks.

  • For stores handling, options include a stores winch with an electric motor in IP56, galvanized non-rotating steel wire rope, and suspension compliant with the latest DIN standards.

  • Additional options include an electric remote control for the stores winch, a bended crane arm for specific requirements, and a floodlight on the arm connected to the ship's emergency circuit for enhanced visibility.

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your rescue boat handling operations with Rescue Boat Slewing Davits. Their versatile design, durable construction, and optional features make them a reliable choice for maritime operations where the deployment of rescue boats is essential for safety and compliance.

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