Rescue Boat Davit - Pivot Type

Product Overview:

Pivot davit systems, specifically the Rhp.-type davits, are designed for the efficient handling of rescue boats. These systems offer a low-build solution with hydraulic-powered turning capabilities, providing a perfect balance between low weight and an extremely low center of gravity. They are fully compliant with the current SOLAS rules and are MED-certified for reliability and safety. These davits are available in three standard sizes to accommodate boats with launching loads ranging from 15kN to 36kN.

Key Features:

  • Stool for Deck Welding: Each system includes a stool designed for welding to the deck, providing a secure foundation for the davit.

  • Robust Arm Design: The arm is constructed in a box shape, ensuring durability and support for the rescue boat.

  • Rescue Boat Winch: Equipped with a rescue boat winch featuring a centrifugal brake and an electric motor in IP56 for reliable hoisting operations.

  • Electric System: The system includes an electric system with a starter box for under-deck use and a push-button box for on-deck control, ensuring smooth operation.

  • Galvanized Wire Rope: The non-rotating steel wire rope is galvanized for corrosion resistance and safety.

  • Off-Load Release Hook: The system includes an off-load release hook or a galvanized suspension link for secure boat attachment and detachment.

  • Remote Control: Operate the system with ease using the stop-go type remote control.

  • Lashing Gear: The system features lashing gear with polyester belts and stainless steel ratchets for added security.

  • Maintenance Slings: For convenience and maintenance, maintenance slings are included.

Optional Features:

  • An electric system with a stainless starter box with push buttons in an on-deck execution.
  • An embarkation platform with an access ladder for enhanced access and safety.

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your rescue boat handling operations with Pivot Davit Systems. Their low-build design, hydraulic-powered turning, and robust features make them an excellent choice for maritime operations where rescue boats are a crucial component of safety and compliance.

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