Fire Isolator

Experience enhanced safety with the Fire Isolator, a comprehensive solution designed to combat EV car fires and lithium battery fires. Developed by specialists with a proven track record in handling E-fires, the Fire Isolator Concept integrates multiple elements to minimize damages and protect lives.

Key Elements of the Fire Isolator Concept:

High-Temperature Resistant Fire Blanket

  • Control and isolate flames for EVs and normal cars.
  • Temperature-resistant up to 1600 °C.
  • Available in various sizes, including 2x2 meter and 3x3 meter for lithium batteries, E-scooters, and E-bikes.

Aerosol Unit

  • Lightweight, hand-held units for portable fire extinguishing.
  • Works in conjunction with the Fire Isolator Blanket to control situations.
  • Prevents flashovers and significantly reduces fire temperature to approximately 200 °C.

Water Mist Lance

  • Assists in rapidly reducing fires in EV vehicles.
  • Moistens the Fire Isolator Blanket, creating a nearly gas-tight seal.
  • Penetrates easily into the battery, allowing water to enter cells directly.

Enhance your fire safety protocols with the Fire Isolator – the ultimate solution for combating EV and lithium battery fires with efficiency and precision.

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