Heavy Duty Floating Diversion Baffles

ABASCO heavy duty diversion baffles are ideal for controlling flow and circulation in wastewater treating ponds, to eliminate dead zones, increase detention time, and improve treatment efficiency. Heavy duty tension members at the top and bottom of the curtain and UV/chemical/acid/base resistant 30 oz. Elvaloy coated fabric with additional skirt fabric options. Custom design upon request including high wind conditions.

Heavy Duty Floating Baffle Specs

Specification Description
Fabric 30 oz/yd2 Elvaloy Coated Polyester Fabric (Black) Float Section
Flotation 8”-12” dia. (depending on skirt depth) EPS or polyethylene foam contained within individually sealed float pockets
Top Tension 2ea - 5/16” 316 stainless steel cable (19,600 lbs breaking strength) contained in a polyethylene tube
Bottom Tension & Ballast 1/2” Galvanized steel chain standard, 18,200lbs break strength, 2.40lbs/ft
End Connectors High tensile strength aluminum ASTM Slide connector or stainless steel connectors at float and top tension cable. Grommets on reinforced fabric on lower skirt secured with SS fasteners. Ballast chain shackled section-to-section with aluminum or stainless steel stress plates at bottom corners. Anchor points on connectors or as required.
Section Length 50/100 ft or custom lengths
Skirt Depth To 70 ft. Depth can be tapered to conform to bottom profile.
Flow Area Flow Around Areas will have vertical end sections secured with bridles and cables or Flow Windows designed per application with edges/corners reinforced.
Accessories Furling Lines, Post Bridle Systems, Anchor Systems, Marker Buoys, Repair Kits

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