Universal 15"x18" Single-Ply Medium-Weight Sorbent Pads

The pads are made from a single layer of meltblown which is sonically bonded together. The sonic bonding points make the pad less prone to stray fibers becoming detached. This gives the pad a very even structure which also contributes to the pad’s good absorbency rate. These attributes help make the pad an industry standard construction because it offers all- round average performance but excellent versatility.

Key Features

•The pad is made from a single layer of meltblown that is sonically bonded together.

•Dimpled surface reduces lint, increases strength and speeds absorption

•Good value and reliable performance

•Made from high quality polypropylene



15" X 18"


This is the sorbents weight with heavy = 1, medium = 2, and single weight = 3

Suitable for

Recovering both oil and water based fluids at the same time


  • Recommended for recovering both oil and water indoors


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