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Foilex TDS Off-loading Pumps: Unmatched Performance in Viscous Liquid Transfer

Welcome to the world of Foilex TDS Off-loading Pumps, the ultimate solution for hydraulically driven heavy-duty submersible Twin Disc Screw pumps. Specially crafted for off-loading or transferring high-viscous products such as crude oil, bunker oil, or emulsions, our TDS pumps redefine efficiency and reliability in demanding applications.

Key Features:

1. High Viscosity Handling:

  • Specially designed for oils with a wide viscosity range.

  • Capable of handling everything from light diesel fuel to extremely high-viscous crude oil mixed with debris.

2. TDS Off-loading Pump System:

The comprehensive TDS Off-loading Pump System includes:

  • TDS Off-loading Pump: The heart of the system, a small portable unit in stainless steel with a vertical discharge line parallel to hydraulic hoses.

  • Hydraulic Powerpack: Includes a Pump control panel for seamless operation.

  • Hose Package: Complete with a reel containing Hydraulic and Discharge hoses for efficient transport and handling.

3. Compact Design:

  • Compact TDS design combines 50-70% higher capacity with extremely small outer dimensions.

  • Allows the TDS 150 Off-loading Pump to easily fit through a standard Ø12 inch "Butterworth" hatch.

4. Portable Power:

  • Powered and controlled by Foilex's own range of diesel or electric-driven Hydraulic Powerpacks.

  • Hydraulic hoses ensure a reliable connection between the power source and the TDS Off-loading Pump.

5. Versatile Applications:

  • Ideal for off-loading or transferring high-viscous liquids such as crude oil, bunker oil, and emulsions.

  • Suited for various industries with demanding liquid transfer needs.

TDS Off-loading Pump System Components:

1. TDS Off-loading Pump:

  • Portable stainless steel unit with vertical discharge line.

  • Designed for optimal performance in high-viscosity liquid transfer.

2. Hydraulic Powerpack:

  • Diesel or electric-driven options.

  • Includes a Pump control panel for user-friendly operation.

3. Hose Package:

  • Hydraulic and discharge hoses included.

  • Specially designed Hose Reels for easy transport and handling.


  • Oil Industry: Ideal for crude oil transfer and off-loading.

  • Marine Operations: Efficient bunker oil transfer.

  • Industrial Processes: Perfect for handling emulsions and high-viscous liquids.

Why Choose Foilex TDS Off-loading Pumps?

  • Efficiency: 50-70% higher capacity for faster liquid transfer.

  • Reliability: Robust construction ensures durability in demanding conditions.

  • Compactness: Fits through standard hatches for ease of use.

  • Versatility: Handles a wide range of viscosities for diverse applications.

Upgrade your liquid transfer operations with Foilex TDS Off-loading Pumps. Experience unparalleled performance, reliability, and efficiency in handling high-viscous liquids. Contact us today to elevate your pumping experience to new heights.

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