Megator Dolphin Floating Suction Strainers

Megator Dolphin Floating Suction Strainers - Superior Protection for Your Pumps

Experience unparalleled pump protection with the Megator Dolphin Floating Suction Strainers. Specifically designed to draw water just below the surface, these strainers effectively filter out scum and debris while avoiding sand and muck intake. The patented construction, featuring a freely turning tube, eliminates the common twisting effect of the hose, ensuring the correct attitude of the strainer at all times. The float chamber, containing a molding of polyurethane foam, provides millions of separate air cells, guaranteeing buoyancy even if damaged.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Pump Performance:

    • Reduce Wear: Screens out materials that damage and wear out pump impellers, seals, and bearings.

    • Prevent Damage: Significantly reduces the risk of pump damage, ensuring long-lasting pump efficiency.

    • Prevent Stoppages: Filters out debris to prevent stoppages and maintain uninterrupted water flow.

    • Lessen Cavitation Risk: Minimizes the risk of cavitation, preserving pump integrity.

  2. Smart Construction:

    • Always Float Upright: The strainer maintains an upright position in the water, optimizing functionality.

    • Corrosion-Proof: Built to withstand corrosion, ensuring durability in diverse water conditions.

    • Shock-Proof: Resilient construction protects against shocks and impacts, extending product life.

    • Cost-Effective: Saves costs over time by preventing pump wear and damage, with no maintenance costs.

  3. Versatile Applications:

    • Ideal for dewatering mines, quarries, excavations, and sumps.

    • Perfect for water supplies from rivers, lakes, and ponds.

    • Essential for supplying water to fire appliances.

    • Suitable for oil storage and installations requiring drawing from just below the water surface.


Model Hose Size Diameter Height Max. Capacity
112" 112" 534" 638" 37 US gpm
38 mm 146 mm 162 mm 140 lt/min
2" 2" 7316" 678" 74 US gpm
51 mm 183 mm 175 mm 280 lt/min
3" 3" 10" 812" 148 US gpm
76 mm 254 mm 216 mm 560 lt/min
4" 4" 12" 1012" 304 US gpm
102 mm 305 mm 267 mm 1150 lt/min
6" 6" 1534" 19" 792 US gpm
152 mm 400 mm 482 mm 3000 lt/min


Suction Hose:

A recommended 10 ft (3 m) suction hose is supported by the floating strainer, hanging in a loop with one end resting on the ground or attached to a fixed pipe.

Optimal Usage Tips:

  • In shallow water, longer hoses are practical as they can partly rest on the bottom.

  • For large water level fluctuations, ensure the fixed end of the hose is slightly above the low water level.

  • If a foot valve is needed, fit it at the lowest point of the suction piping to avoid airlocks.

Invest in the Megator Dolphin Floating Suction Strainers for superior pump protection and efficient water intake in diverse applications.

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