NOFI Current Buster® 6

The NOFI Current Buster® 6 is currently in use by many oil spill control organizations all over the world. Offers excellent area coverage and flexibility in towing speeds up to 5 knots. The system is available in a number of different storage options, from hydraulic reels to containerized all-in-one alternatives. The NOFI Current Buster® 6 is well suited for single-vessel operations when used together with the BoomVane system.

The improved hydrodynamic shape reduces the drag force and allows the system to move easier through the water. The new model incorporates debris nets, wave dampers, and splash-over cover. Together with the optimized shape of the separator, it stabilizes the movement of the separator and the liquids in the 70 m2 temporary storage area. Improved water outlet design allows the water to escape easily from the separator as it gets filled with oil; in addition, it also allows the system to be deployed and recovered both ways.

The NOFI Current Buster® 6 can operate 5 times faster than a general conventional oil boom by using one vessel and a BoomVane, whereas a conventional oil boom holds a towing speed of up to a maximum 1-knot STW and requires two vessels during operation.


Single-vessel operation

The NOFI Current Buster® 6 can be towed by two vessels or by one single vessel using a BoomVane system. This towing configuration gives the operator many advantages such as reduced response time, increased maneuverability, better operating and safety conditions for the user and reduced costs due to the use of one vessel only.


Technical Specifications:


NOFI Current Buster® 6 Data
Freeboard size Ø1000 mm (Ø39.4 inch)
Towing speed (STW) 5 knots
Inflation system High capacity air blower
Total length 62,9 m (206.6 ft)
Total width (front opening) 34 m (111.5 ft)
Separator capacity 70 m3 (2472 cu. ft.)

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