Switlik Aviator Pilot and Passenger Life Vest

Thin. Light. Simple.

The Aviator Constant-Wear Life Vest is the ideal vest for passengers and pilots flying helicopters and private aircraft. It is designed to be supremely comfortable to wear with specific consideration for how it fits when you're in the seated position in your aircraft. It's the vest you'll forget you're wearing.


  • Low profile design for superior comfort while in the seated position
  • Dual-opening zipper design
  • Single cell, 3-layer buoyancy chamber construction for redundancy and maximum safety
  • Two (2) oral tubes
  • Built in Locator Light * emergency whistle
  • Breathable protective Nomex®/Kevlar® cover fabric for reduced thermal burden and increased durability
  • Reflective patches on inflatable cell
  • Smallest and lightest vest offered by SWITLIK

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