Stag Horn Bollard

TEKMARINE TSH Stag Horn or popularly known as Horn Bollard is a direct improvisation of traditional double bitt bollard’s functionality. TEKMARINE TSH Stag Horn type bollard can accommodate multiple line in a single bollard with ability to accommodate significantly high line load angles.

This is an ideal choice of bollard where high tidal variation is present or a multi-purpose jetty which is used by vessels with very high free board such as Passenger vessel or RoRo and very low free board vessels such as barges.

TEKMARINE offers all popular sizes for Stag Horn type bollards, including many custom design and legacy design to replace the existing bollards on like by like basis with same bolt pattern.

TEKMARINE TSH Stag Horn Bollard Standard size ranges from smallest capacity of 10t to 200t, however larger sizes upt 400t are available upon request.

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