DSS Protection Expands Fire Safety Capabilities with the new Electric Vehicle (EV) Fire Isolator System.


DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA - [September 8, 2023] - DSS Protection is proud to announce its latest endeavor in enhancing fire protection safety in Canada. In collaboration with T-ISS, a renowned supplier of marine safety solutions, DSS Protection is introducing the Electric Vehicle (EV) Fire Isolator system to the Canadian market.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicles and lithium battery technology, the need for effective fire safety measures is critical. Whether an EV fire occurs onboard a ferry, car carrier, in a parking facility, charging station, or workshop, the primary objective is to ensure the safety of individuals and minimize damage. Experts with extensive experience in combating E-fires have conducted live tests and examined best practices to devise an optimal strategy for EV fire containment. The result of this extensive research and development is the Fire Isolator concept, created by T-ISS.

The Fire Isolator concept comprises five critical elements that, when used in conjunction, provide the most effective means of addressing EV fires:

  • High-Temperature Resistant Fire Blanket: A crucial tool for containing and isolating the fire's source.
  • Water Mist Lance: A precise and controlled method for cooling and suppressing flames.
  • Aerosol Units: These interrupt chemical chain reactions within the flames while replacing oxygen, effectively stifling the fire.
  • Training: Equipping personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to EV fires.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera: An essential tool for monitoring the fire's temperature and progress.

DSS Protection and T-ISS have a longstanding and successful partnership, characterized by a commitment to delivering quality and innovative safety solutions to the Canadian market. Their dedication to reliability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness aligns with DSS Protection's mission to provide superior safety solutions.

As we continue to navigate the changing landscape of EV technology and safety, DSS Protection remains dedicated in its purpose to protect lives, the environment, and assets. The collaboration with T-ISS and the introduction of the EV Fire Isolator system in Canada marks a significant step toward a safer future for all Canadians.

About DSS Protection:

DSS Protection is a Canadian-owned and operated group of companies headquartered in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Specializing in lifesaving, environmental, and asset protection solutions, DSS Protection serves Canada's commercial and recreational marine and aviation industries. The company operates sales and service stations in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, Québec, and British Columbia, staffed by highly trained and certified technicians.

About T-ISS:

Established in 2003 and headquartered in The Netherlands, T-ISS is a leader in providing innovative safety solutions to the marine industry. Dedicated to delivering reliable, accessible, and cost-effective safety solutions, T-ISS is committed to excellence and continuous innovation.


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