Sea Catch Release Hooks

Sea Catch Release Hooks: Revolutionizing Safety and Efficiency

We are proud to introduce the Sea Catch Release Hooks – a revolutionary solution designed to meet the challenges posed by heavy sea conditions, corrosive marine environments, quick release kick-back, inadvertent release, and the occasional shock and lock-up of unanticipated overload.

Unmatched Design Precision

The Sea Catch is not just a release hook; it's a well-thought-out engineering marvel. Precision-cut from aerospace-grade stainless steel plate through advanced computer-generated parts, the Sea Catch is built to withstand the toughest marine conditions.

Innovative Features Redefining Quick Releases:

  • No Springs: Bid farewell to traditional quick releases with springs. The Sea Catch eliminates the need for springs, ensuring a more reliable and durable solution.

  • Common Shackle Connectiom: Featuring a common shackle connection, the Sea Catch provides ease of integration into existing systems, reducing installation complexity.

  • Multi-Directional Release: Adapt to various scenarios effortlessly with multi-directional release capabilities. The Sea Catch ensures flexibility in release directions for enhanced operational convenience.

  • Low Friction Releasing: Experience a smooth and low-effort lanyard-style release for maximum user safety. The Sea Catch minimizes friction, making the releasing process efficient and reliable.

  • Hitch-Pin Safety Lock: Enhance device locking safety with the incorporated hitch-pin safety lock. The Sea Catch goes the extra mile to secure your equipment during critical operations.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Every day, professionals around the world encounter the challenge of releasing heavy objects under load. While some persist with pelican hooks and pin shackles ill-suited for load releases, others have discovered the Sea Catch Toggle Release – the safest and most innovative quick release in history.

General Sea Catch Features:

  • Perpendicular or Parallel Release Directions: Adapt to different operational scenarios effortlessly.

  • Hitch Pin Lock for Device Locking Safety: Secure your equipment with the hitch-pin safety lock feature.

  • Precision-Cut Aerospace Grade Stainless Steel Parts: Ensure durability and reliability in the toughest marine conditions.

  • Low Friction, Low Effort Lanyard-Style Release: Prioritize user safety with a smooth and efficient releasing process.

  • On Load/Off Load Releasing: Tackle heavy loads confidently with the Sea Catch's versatile capabilities.

  • All Parts 100% Stainless Steel: Guarantee longevity and corrosion resistance with high-quality stainless steel construction.

Make the Switch to Sea Catch

Join engineers, technicians, and crew members worldwide who have embraced the Sea Catch Toggle Release for its proven toggle linkage principle, low friction, computer-generated parts, and meticulous design that prioritizes safety and efficiency.

Product Specifications:

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