Searchmaster Searchlight

The SEARCHMASTER design is very different from other searchlights on the market.
Where other searchlights have a fixed base with a movable head, Searchmaster is a fixed cylinder where only the interior of the lamp can move.
This means that all moving parts are hermetically sealed in the lamp housing and cannot be exposed to the elements, which in turn increases durability.


CREW TRANSFER: Searchmaster Searchlight is the automatic “helping hand” in connection with crew transfer in the dark.

  • Best and most stable light focus on selected target
  • Fast and accurate rescue via automatic AIS emergency signal tracking
  • Tracking of multiple targets in the water at once

PILOTAGE: Searchmaster Searchlight maintains focus on the selected target and helps with a safer pilot transfer.

  • Best and most stable light focus on selected targets
  • Fast and accurate rescue via automatic AIS tracking of distress signal
  • Registration of several targets in the water at once

FISHING: Searchmaster Searchlight keeps focus on your gear in the water, while the crew on deck has the added security in case of an accident.

  • Best and most stable light focus on the target
  • Intelligent work light
  • Auto tracking on gear
  • Starts automatically
  • Takes care of you and your crew

SEARCH AND RESCUE: Searchmaster Searchlight keeps the focus on the distressed and makes it possible to perform fast and accurate rescue operations without occupying the crew.

  • Best and most stable light focus on the rescue operation
  • Fast and accurate rescue via automatic AIS tracking of distressed in the dark
  • Registration of several targets in the water


SEARCHMASTER searchlight is designed to free up personnel for work tasks at sea.

  • Integrated pitch and roll sensors in the lamp head to improve tracking in high seas.
  • 360° horizontal light beam rotation.               
  • +/-45° Vertical light beam movement.
  • Advanced control functions from the control box, either in manual or automatic mode.
  • Automatic light beam focus for full utilization of the projector. No matter if the necessary work takes place close to the vessel or at a distance.
  • Automatic AIS / SART (Search And Rescue Transponder) / MOB (Man Over Board) monitoring, based on AIS data, with automatic tracking of the position in the water of the alarm.

Searchmaster searchlight is suitable for all vessel sizes. The solution frees up the personnel who is usually in control of the projector. Tasks at sea become more efficient.


Technical specifications

Electrical effect

  • 170 watt / 340 watt


  • 18 - 32 volt DC

Connection to the searchlight

  • Power cable 24 volt, max 20 meters 2.5 mm2 wire
  • Controller cable, max 20 meters 1.5 mm2 wire

Operating temperature

  • -25° to +55° celsius

Pitch / Roll

  • +/- 40° stabilized




  • 1 data- & 1 alarm exit

International Standard

  • IEC 60945: Ed. 4
    - Category 1B & 1C Scope

Ingress Protection Marking

  • IP 66 Dust and spray sealed

International Association of Classification Societies

  • IACS E10: Rev. 7

Magnetic safety distance

  • 0,95 meters

Vibration test 2-100 Hz

  • Approved


  • Patented and Trademark protected


  • Made in Denmark


  • SL170 - ø24 x 40 cm
  • SL340 - ø24 x 60 cm
  • Controller - 33 x 18 x 18 cm

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