ECOspray Systems

Product Description
The ECOSPRAY is a compact and easy to operate
portable diesel powered dispersant spray system.
Due to its simplified control, dispersant dilution can be
varied between 0% and 100% with no interruption to
ECOSPRAY is designed to be deployed quickly with
little setup required for rapid response to oil spills.
The ECOSPRAY dispersant spray system is supplied
with a set of AFEDO™ Nozzles and hoses; and can
be installed and operated from almost any “vessel of
ECOSPRAY has a simple control system for varying
dispersant dilution level and a pressure gauge to
ensure correct performance with AFEDO™ Nozzles.
ECOSPRAY is designed to be operated by one
person with minimal training requirements.

Single-cylinder, air cooled direct injection Yanmar diesel engine
Robust construction in marine grade aluminium
Fully enclosed moving components
Fully variable dispersant dilution from 0 - 100%
Supplied with a set of AFEDO™ Nozzles and hoses
Compact design

Simple and intuitive to use
Easily stowed
“Vessel of opportunity” capable
Corrosion resistant
Adjustable application rates
ECOSPRAY comes with a 1 Year Warranty

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