NorMar Integrated Pump System (IPS)

The NorMar Integrated Pump System (IPS), is a pump system designed to recover accumulated oil emulsion in the separator tank of the NOFI Current Buster models 4 and 6. The system is based on a “plug and play” version that can easily be used on any existing models of the NOFI Current Buster 4 and 6. The NorMar IPS consist of a free-floating umbilical, the NorMar pump float using either a DOP or MSP pump, water injection, and various storage alternatives. The NorMar IPS are designed with a focus on safe and easy operation, allowing oil emulsion to be pumped to the OR tank with the highest possible recovery efficiency.

Model NorMar 3IPS NorMar 4IPS/H NorMar 4IPS/L
Application NOFI Current Buster 4 NOFI Current Buster 6 NOFI Current Buster 6
Pump/Capapcity DOP 160/30m3/hr DOP 250/100m3/hr MSP 150/+350m3 / hr
Umbilial/Length 3'' / 60m 4'' /105m 4'' /105m
Storage 3m3 hydraulic reel 5m3 hydraulic reel 5m3 hydraulic reel

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