We rebranded to DSS Protection, here's why!

By now you’ve probably noticed that we’ve made a few changes around here. Last year we officially launched our rebrand from the DSS Group of Companies to DSS Protection. Now that the dust has settled in, let’s talk about why.

1. We are evolving.

And we want our branding to reflect that! The "DSS" brand has strengthened beyond its traditional marine safety core since inception in 1998, through development in the aviation safety, environmental protection, and asset protection industries. Our new branding better positions us as Protectors of Lives & the Environment, in each of the markets we operate in.

2. Our brand spans the country.

Prior to rebranding, each company under the DSS Group umbrella had their own brand identity. Today, each of our stations across Canada have identical branding as DSS Protection, differentiated by their localities. Our four service and sales stations are tightly intertwined, moving products and performing services across the country together. When you’re working with one of us, you’re being supported across the country by us all.




What’s the story behind the new logo?

The double circle: Our circles represent the circle of protection, safety and trust we draw around our employees, customers, suppliers and industries.

The first circle represents the regulations that govern our industries, keeping people and our environment safe. The second circle represents an additional layer of safety and protection that we offer, through quality, subject matter expertise, and authentic communication.

The compass: Our new logo uses a compass in place of the second “O” in “Protection,” as a nod to the previous DSS Group branding. The compass is rotated -16 degrees, paying tribute to True Magnetic North from Halifax, Nova Scotia - the inception location of "DSS." The compass means "guidance home."

The “swooshes”: The top Sky-Blue cured line represents our Aviation Sector. The line is deigned to resemble a wind gust or jet stream. The bottom line represents our Marine Sector. The line is designed to resemble a wave or water.

Our success over the last 25 years has been built on a passion for quality innovation, problem-solving, and strong relationships with our suppliers, customers and industries. We know that a rebrand is our next milestone to continue supporting our customers in an ever-changing market. We look forward to an exciting future!

Want to learn more? Give us a call! 1-888-523-0221

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