Why you should choose a FitzWright Liferaft!


FitzWright liferafts have proudly held their position as a premier Canadian brand since 2014 and continue to dominate across both commercial and recreational sectors. When you own a FitzWright liferaft, you can navigate the waters with a sense of security, knowing that in times of emergency, FitzWright stands by your side backed up with the Transport Canada and SOLAS approvals. 

Assembled, distributed, and serviced entirely within Canada by DSS Protection Stations, every FitzWright raft embodies meticulous attention to detail. Available in sizes accommodating 4 to 150 individuals, you can opt for flatpacks or round containers, all equipped with a cradle and lashings for secure stowage. 

Already possess a life raft but considering a transition to FitzWright? DSS Protection extends a generous offer of a $500 trade-in discount towards the purchase of a new FitzWright Liferaft. And there's more – DSS Protection introduces a 5-year fixed-rate service program.  This means that any future changes in service pricing will not affect you until your 6th year of service.  


Choose From Our Comprehensive Safety Packages: 


4-Person Package – Enjoy 15% Savings 

  • 4-Person Flat Pack, Pack A

  • 3 Immersion Suits (Universal Size)


6-Person Package – Enjoy 15% Savings 

  • 6-Person Flat-pack or Round Liferaft, Pack A

  • 3 Immersion Suits (Universal Size)



Secure your FitzWright Liferaft today by clicking the link below. Your safety is our priority.  


Get Your FitzWright Liferaft Now!


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