Fire Isolator

In general, there is no single solution to extinguish EV car fires, and/or lithium battery fires. Most specialists agree that more than one solution should be available. Once an EV fire occurs on board a ferry or car carrier, the shipowner/captain must be able to reach the nearest port as soon as possible to keep damages to an absolute minimum. In case of an EV on fire in a car park, charging station, workshop, the goal must be to minimize the collateral damage. Specialists with a long track record of fighting E-fires invented a concept based on live tests and best practices for the best method to fight an EV fire is in order to have minimum damages towards a building or ship construction and humans.

The conclusion was that a combination of different extinguishing methods delivers the best results. With this best practice, the concept of Fire Isolator was born.


The Fire Isolator Concept holds 5 elements that, when used together, deliver the best results when fighting EV-fires on board ferries or in car parks:
1. The use of a High Temperature resistant Fire Blanket
2. The use of a Water Mist lance
3. The use of aerosol units that interrupt the chemical chain reactions occurring in the flames and replaces oxygen
4. Training
5. The use of a thermal imaging camera to monitor the temperature of the fire is strongly advised



The Fire Isolator Blanket is the best way to control and isolate car fires for All-Electric Vehicles
(EVs) as well as normal cars. The Fire Isolator Fire Blanket will directly assist in containing
the flames, lowering the temparature, and reduce smoke and toxic fumes. The blanket is
temperature resistant up to 1600 °C, and is easy to place over the vehicle because of the
coloured loops. This blanket is available in multiple sizes upon request. For lithium batteries,
E-scooters and E-bikes we have 2x2 meter and 3x3 meter blankets available.



Our Aerosol Units are lightweight, hand-held units designed to provide portable fire
extinguishing. Aerosol Units are perfect for providing control of the situation together
with the Fire Isolator blanket, can save valuable time, prevent a flashhover and bring
the temperature of the fire down dramatically, to around 200 °C.



The Fire Isolator Water Mist Lance is your assistant in quickly and efficiently reducing fires
in EV vehicles. By moistening the blanket, the blanket will become nearly gas tight, to
save the aerosol cloud and prevent oxygen from coming in. Also the temperature of
the fire is lowered.
The Fire Isolator Water Mist Lance can penetrate directly into the battery in an easily
accessible location. This method allows water to enter the battery cells directly.

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