Switlik CAP 1034 - Survival Ensemble

CAP 1034 Life Vest, Dry Suit and EBS Combination

Working with Capewell Aerial Systems and Aqua Lung America, SWITLIK has integrated the SEA LV2 CA-EBS into the SWITLIK survival ensemble consisting of the ETSO Pilot and Passenger Suits and the X-Back MOLLE+ Life Vest. Together, the ensemble is approved under ETSO 2C503, ETSO 2C504 and CAP1034 for use in helicopter operations to and from helidecks located in hostile sea areas.


Product Features:

  • ETSO Pilot and Passenger Suits - World’s most comfortable, breathable, lightweight dry suit that is ETSO 2C503-compliant with a unique ergonomic design for increased range of motion during flight. The low slung entry zipper design provides ease of donning, unassisted zipper closure, enhanced comfort, and freedom of movement.

  • X-Back MOLLE+ Air Crew Vest - The X-Back MOLLE+ vest comes standard with dual lifting straps, permanently attached leg loops, buddy line, TSO-approved hand-held strobe light and MOLLE attachments for customized equipment storage. The MOLLE+ is ETSO-2c504 approved and designed to be comfortable in the seated position.

  • SEA LV2 CA-EBS - Compressed air system to be used as an emergency air source during an aircraft ditching. The SEA LV2 CA-EBS is lightweight and is designed to be used hands-free.


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